CEO’s Message

TravHill Edu Internship Consultancy is an Asian firm with a global scope having a vision of promoting and facilitating hotel management interns so they could learn, experience, and polish themselves for being Professional at their services. I extend my sincere gratitude and welcome you all to our consultancy with immense pleasure. You are joining this organization when it is consolidating and advancing its achievements. You are connecting yourself to a proud legacy that has a vibrant professional atmosphere. I repeat to the youth that this is the time you need to strengthen yourselves and avail the opportunities that come your way. Having this vision, I want to see my youth crystallize their future aspirations to achieve its milestones and become a success story.

TravHill is contributing to hospitality sector since 2016 and it has been our motive to help interns to establish themselves as lifelong learners and global citizen with international mindedness also administering the hotels with top class interns. Regardless, the societal and economic circumstances are changing rapidly due to developments, everyone wants to sustain their capabilities. The most challenging part of this is making services easier and cheaper. To cater to these needs and hire professionals, interns play a significant role in running the business. Training interns to become professionals can meet both the ends of business and internships. We appoint talented students across the region who surpass our standards to deliver the best services on time.

Lastly, I would express my keenness and enthusiasm to work with you and grow together. Crystallize your future aspirations by connecting with us and aiding us to grow our business and finances altogether. Connect with us and master your skills. I wish you all the best.