Internships to gain valuable experience.

Internship Placement

Hospitality internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing great job.

Hotel Placement

If you have ever daydreamed about bizarre destinations and fun-filled adventures, while you hassle the thought of a 9-5 lifestyle, then hospitality internships are best for you.
Interning can play a significant role in making you stand out from the crowd of competition and also you gain a feeling of self-accomplishment, management, and hospitality culture. You also come to learn new lifestyles, new cultures through your journey of hospitality internships.
TravHill edu hospitality consultancy offers a wide range of internships and we ensure that you will pursue hospitality as a career after your experience with us.
We have expert recruiters that appoint talented students who can match our standards as well as a ready-candidate pool to serve at different hotels.

Culinary art program

We offer a culinary art program to those talented students who have made their accomplishments in the culinary course in the kitchen department and have the aim of pursuing it as a career.

6 months internship

We offer 6 months of internships to students who have completed their degree of Bachelor of Hospitality Management. The interns are trained in fields of hospitality, management, and tourism, etc.

1 year internship

We offer a 12-month complete internship course to the brilliant, service-oriented students so that they could specialize in any department or round up all departments. This internship entails hospitality, hotel management, customer services, etc.

Benefit & Procedures

  1. Passport (Applicant must be minimum 20 years old.
  2. Academic Certificates
  3. Curriculum Vitae – (CV)
  4. A current Hotel, Tourism & Hospitality Student or Graduated Student / from other major or course can also be consider
  5. A Bachelor degree or diploma (Hotel / Hospitality Management) other major can also be consider
  6. A letter from University or School to state that applicant is undergoing 6 month / 1 year internship
  7. Good and outgoing personality, Cheerful and love to Interact and Service minded
  8. Able to speak good English is mandatory, other spoken languages will be an advantage

Step 1

Submit your resume with 1 photo (Passport size / Full body size) personal details, and contact address, email and mobile number, educational, work or previous internship experiences if any. State the period of internship training, how many months (Minimum 6 months to Maximum 1 year) which department select to undergo the training

Step 2

Registration fees should be payable through our company account or cash in hand. This registration can be used to offset the Internship placement fees payable once the letter of training agreement is issue by host resort / hotel / Other institution and applicant agreed to join.

Step 3

we will be hosting orientation class regarding the internship

Step 4

Await our company to filter and arrange for online Interview with potential host resort or hotel training manager or Human Resources

Please Note- A interview from potential host resort / hotel / Other intuition does not guarantee applicant his/her application is successful. A successful application is base on applicant personality, educational and experiences (if any) and able to speak well and languages ability which deed useful by host resort and hotel / Other intuitions.

Step 5

Once an applicant have successful gain internship training with host resort or hotel, a letter of Training agreement would be issue for applicant to sign to confirm her/his acceptance of the internship training program extend by host resort / hotel, Other intuition.

Visa & Work Permit:

Host resort & hotel / Other intuition will issue the requirement documents to our company to be delivered to students to apply the training/Employment visa at the Embassy at Kathmandu.  Applicant also needs to obtain documentations from University/ college to support the training visa.

Trainee’s Benefits

It depend on host resort / hotel and Other intuition as per their respective policy.

Basic Benefits:

  • Monthly training allowance
  • Staff’s accommodation
  • Duty meals
  • Uniform provided
  • Medical & Insurance coverage
  • Arrival pick from Airport and after complete training a departure pickup will be arrange for trainee

Note: For other institution accommodation and food might not be provided but it may include on allowance.

Also, Opportunity to gain full time employment with host resort /hotel and Other intuition. A Letter of Completion of Internship training from host resort / hotel and Other intuition.

Visa extension and work permit is solely depending upon host company policy.

May variance according to different host resort or hotel and Other intuition benefits policy

Work Permit  Health Checkup

After selected from the interview, the job applicants must do medical checkup from any authorized medical center by Nepal Government.

Visa Apply

Those who are medically fitted and agreed on employer’s terms and conditions, will apply for the visa. The visa application process varies according to destination country to country.

Approval from Minister of education

After issuance of visa, student should take No Objection Letter from Education ministry, Government of Nepal. During taking approval, the submission of Original Passport, Valid Medical Report, Orientation Certificate, Life Insurance, Valid Visa, etc are mandatory.


After Ministry Approval and Air Ticket confirmation, the job applicants are departed to the destination for foreign employment.

Duty and return.

Students has to perform as per company rules and regulation, and return back after completion of their internship period. 

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